Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leheren Apni Humjoli Hain

youTubing this fine saturday morning I bumped into an old favourite. It is a song from the 1952 film 'Jaal'. Having a compulsive weakness for fisherman songs there was no way this song would have escaped my radar (let me confess, in moments of intense introspection I have often wondered if I sat selling wares in a fish market in my previous life).

But it is not only the fragrance of the fish that draws me to the song, my usual landmarks are all there too - SD Burman, Dev Anand, Guru Dutt, Geeta Dutt, Geeta Bali and Sahir Ludhianvi.

The thing that always strikes me in the song is the spunk of the two Geetas. I have always believed that the actress and the singer were kindred souls. Geeta Bali lights up the screen and Geeta Dutt the aural space. There is SD Burman with his characteristic upbeat tune in one of the rare fisherman songs without the Bhatiyali touch. There is Dev Anand his usual charming self(though strangely singing in a female voice.. go figure) and there is Guru Dutt behind the camera and for a fleeting moment in front of the camera as well (spot him!).

My heroes in a song keep changing with every hearing. Today as I watched the song play out I was struck by a stab of reverence for Sahir Ludhianvi, the lyricist of the song. What Sahir has written here in this song is not mere filmy poetry. It is pure literature. To sample

janam janam se apne sar pe toofano ke saaye
lehren apni humjoli hain aur badal humsaaye
jal aur jaal hai jeevan apna kya sardi kya garmi
apni himmat kabhi na toote rut aaye rut jaaye.

'jal aur jaal hai jeevan apna'. What beautiful use of alliteration and how beautifully and succinctly he has captured the ethos of the hard working fisherman community that is the showcase of this film.

So without further analysis-paralysis and verbal diarrhoea here is song. Click on the link below to view it.

And here are the complete lyrics

aangan mein baithi hai machheran teri aas lagaaye
armaanon aur aashaaon ke laakhon deep jalaaye
bholaa bachpan rastaa dekhe mamtaa khair manaaye
zor lagaake khench machhere dheel na aane paaye

janam janam se apne sar par toofaanon ke saaye
lehren apni humjoli hain aur baadal humsaayejal aur jaal hai jeevan apnaa kyaa sardi kyaa garmiapni himmat kabhi na toote rut aaye rut jaaye.

kyaa jaane kab saagar umadhe kab barkhaa aa jaaye

bhook(h) saron par mandlaaye moonh khole par phailaaye
aaj milaa so apni poonji kal ki haath paraaye
tani hui baahon se keh do loch na aane paaye

P.S I put this post for a spell check on the Gmail spell checker and I got a strange message ' Spell check is not supported for Somali, the English words will be checked. Iam quite intrigued, does Hindi have many words with Somali in common?!

Note : The lyrics have been put out to the RMIM Jury, I will update the page once this song is on Giitayaan.


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