Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Burmanda - Video Tribute

A very Happy Birthday to our dearest Burmanda. The grand old man of Hindi film music is hundred and two years young today. The legendary music directory was born on 1st October 1906. The month of October marks SD Burman's birth anniversary as well as death anniversary. I shall make some uploads down the month to mark the occasion.

I am starting off with uploading a small video on his life and music. I have been working on this video off and on and this is an edited first chapter. The video was created using Adobe Premiere 6.5. The piece is based off a slideshow created on the occasion of SD Burman's centenary show in 2006 in Delhi. It traces Burmanda's journey from the remote backwaters of Tripura to his final moments of glory in Bombay. The video is still rough at the edges and I would welcome some technical advice on how to smoothen it out.
I would look forward to your feedback.

Here are the links


  1. Great post...
    Claps !

  2. I really liked your videos about Burmanda and hope to use them in my class on Indian cinema at NC State University. Please let me know if you know of similar videos on other great Indian musicians/singers/directors/actors...

    Pankaj Jain

  3. @ Hobo : Thank you very much :)

    @ Pankaj : I am not sure if this stuff is worth being used for a class but yes drop me a mail and we can talk about it.