Friday, October 31, 2008

The Burmans - A Tribute

Today is the 33rd Death Anniversary of Sachin Dev Burman. The month of October also marked the first death anniversary of his wife Meera Dev Burman an accomplished artist herself who assisted Dada for many memorable films.

On this occasion I pay my respects to the maestro whose music continues to give me moments of immeasurable pleasure.

As a mark of tribute to the Burmans I have uploaded some rare Bengali songs on youTube. These songs are from Dada's late 40s output with Hindustan Records and include two duets between SD Burman and Meera. I am also posting a character sketch of Dada that was written for the occasion of his birth centenary in 2006.

Read the character sketch here - Bandhu Rangila Re - Inimitable!

Click on the link to view the song (note they are all non-film bangla songs)

1. Ke Chhilo Ghum Bhangaye - Singers :Meera and SD Burman, Composer : SD Burman

2. Banshi Tomar Haath Dilam -Singers : Meera and SD Burman, Composer : SD Burman

3. Jhan Jhan Jhan Jhan Manjira Singer : SD Burman Composer : (based off a famous bandish in raag nat behag)

4. Tui Ke Shyamer Banshi Re - Singer : SD Burman Composer and Lyrics : Jaismuddin(bangla folk poet)

5. Shyam Roop Dhariya - Singer : SD Burman (Bangla Folk)


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  1. Fantastic, my sincere tribute to the Great!!!!

  2. Thanks, Ritu, for all these gems. I esecially enjoyed the variant of "jhan jhan paayal baaje" - it sounds wonderful in his voice.

    Curious, though: why videos on youtube? Why not audio files?

    Warm regards,

  3. @ I am glad you liked them Abhay. I hosted them on youTube because of the convenience of the medium. You can get to the song in one click. No passwords/registering etc. (the painful stuff one needs to do in any other file hosting site).

    Since I don't have a website of my own to host the audio files and I thought a youTube channel would be a good way to trick the system ;).