Friday, August 15, 2008

Readers Selection Invited

A new idea has started germinating in my head. After mulling over it for bit I have concluded that it should be a fun activity to do. Here is how it goes....

For all the lists put up on this blog, I invite reader's choices. No, not an entire suitcase of favourite songs (that prerogative is mine!), but just one song that you feel simply had to be there. This is the song ,that you cursed me for leaving out from the list. The cumulative list will grow as readers add their choices. So, if your favourite song was not chosen by me but another reader, then consider it already there. You are free to choose another song. However, remember only choose a song that would have been in your top dozen. We would not like to dilute the list. If all the songs you would have chosen are already there then you can endorse an already existing song. The key factor is the number. Only one choice is allowed.

The further rules of the game are
1. Along with your choice, a few lines about why you like the song would add tremendous value to your input.
2. I will look for an online copy of your selected song. If found, everything is hunky dory I will connect to it.
3. If not found I will hunt for a digital copy in my collection. If I find it I will upload it and link to it. If not found, then I will depend upon you to send me a digital copy of the song. If you prefer to upload it on your own channel or website, that also works for me. Just send me the link in that case.
4. Since the purpose is to create a list that people can click on and instantly hear the song, we will only list songs that we can point to online.
5 .You can indicate your choice either through email or preferably posting in the comments section of the list on the blog (the RMIM threads become tedious to read and extract from)
6. If you wish to stay anonymous we have no problems.
7. There are no deadlines, you can send your responses whenever you feel like. If and when there are a couple of them collected, I will update the main article.

At the end of the day, what we should be able to collect through this game, is a comprehensive playlist of the most popular songs in a selected category. Further, through song uploads, we should also be able to enrichen the online repository.

This game applies for every list that we do. Currently, these are the open lists on MPA

A Dozen Piyas
The Definitive Geeta Dutt

So then, lets get rolling... now!


  1. A suggestion: I am sure you can find most songs online at by just searching by song/movie/singer name...

  2. aaj ki raat piya dil na todo, maan ki baat piya maan lo