Thursday, July 24, 2008

Falling in Love

I have a confession to make. I am in love.

Yes, I know one is not supposed to confess to such things esp. in a public space (bharatiya parampara and all). But then, think of it a blog is not really a public space. It is a personal web log. So in essence it is a private-public space (quite like an arranged-love marriage). It gives you the best of both worlds. Blogs were created so that you could reveal and share your darkest secrets with the invisible world. For the average desi girl that would be of the kinds of ‘How to juggle ten silent admirers at a time, 'My first date over sambhar vada' or hush..even steamier’ or ‘My secret travels on youTube’. The truth is there in bold letters out for all bloggers to see. No one reads your blog unless you give them some juicy tidbits of your life.

My blog puttar is just two months and I as an anxious parent am feeling very human. I want people to admire my baby. So like an artist fallen upon bad days, I have decided to resort to leaking some secrets about my personal life, just to keep in circulation. To justify my move I would like to believe that my secret is not a dark one - It as bright and pure as white light. Then why not share it. So here I am, in conversation with my blog on the love of my life.

[Background Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone]
Mein aur mera blog aksar yeh baaten karte hain

Mera Blog: So what is this I am hearing, you are in love?

Mein: Yes, I am in love.

Mera Blog: Wow! So you have finally condescened. How did it happen?

Mein: To answer that one I need to quote Anjali Kiri, that classmate from the MCA days. ‘Love knows no logic’, she would have said with a flourish of the hand. Anyway, since logic hogs all the space in my professional life, I am prone to letting go of it in my personal life. Let me be a little enigmatic and add... Love knows no age either.

Mera Blog: Oh No! You have fallen in love with Dev Anand again?

Mein: [In a steely voice] Can we move to the next question.

Mera Blog: OK. So who is it then?

Mein: [Enthusiastic again] Not ‘it’. He. Yes, I am glad to inform you that he is not an ‘it’ or ‘her’ but a ‘he’. (Do I hear a sigh of relief from the family?). [Blush] I shall leave that suspense for a bit. You can ask other questions.

Mera Blog: Where did you meet him? Who played cupid.

Mein: It was the kind-hearted greatbong of the Random Thoughts of A Demented Mind fame who did the honours. We know that dementia breeds genius and it took the genius of the greatest of them all bongs to wean me away from all the dead bongs who took up my attention till now.

Mera Blog: Er.. Ok. I think I got that. Are you in love with Gulzar by any chance?

Mein: Eeeshhh! No. Please do not speculate. When time comes, I shall introduce him with a proper video. You continue with other questions.

Mera Blog: Achcha batao... kaisa lag raha hai

Mein: [full blush mode] Ah, what to say, loss of sleep, gain in appetite and an obsessive need to go back for more.

Mera Blog: So the high and mighty have really fallen [snicker snicker]. Do you have anything in common? Is he fond of music like you?

Mein: Ofcourse, you know the importance I attach to serenading in the entire wooing process. He did not have a fighting chance without that. Though another friend thinks it is got to do with the 'Delhi-Delhi' bonding. We dilliwalas stick together. I think it is just pure chemistry. I am absolutely smitten by the way he puts his heart and soul into his singing. Such expressions on the face, such heartfelt sincerity...sigh..I could go on and on.

Mera Blog: So who is it, ab bata bhi do.

Mein: Thandi thandi hawa pooche unke pata, laaj aaye sakhi kaise doon mein bata

Mera Blog: [a little tired now] This is getting too filmy. Are you going to reveal the secret or is this going to remain like a script of a Dev Anand film.. .going nowhere!

Mein: [Steely look again] I told you before. Don't go there.
Mera Blog: Get on with it then.
Mein: OK, the moment has finally arrived. I shall introduce him through a video which is the anthem of our bonding. Ladies and Gentleman, Deviyon aur sajjanon, dil thamke ke baithiye and click on the link below
Tumse Milne Ki Tamanna Hai - The beginning
Roop Tera Mastana - Love at full bloom, please do hear atleast the first stanza

He woos in English too
She leads a lonely life

And you know something, I always admire people who are admired by the world. The adulation in this video makes me glow with pride
Baar baar yeh din aaye

And what else can I say after this except Ooooooo......Mujhe Kisi Se Pyar ho Gaya
Note: Further research on this topic has revealed so many new facets to this topic that I shall be back soon with a second edition dedicated to Dr Chaudhury!
Read Part 2 here : Falling in Love : Gaana Aaye Ya Na Aaye

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